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Shane Cooley Online

Shane Cooley Fans United

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Shane Cooley Fans United link:

Shane Cooley Fans United is a group that I created on June 26, 2004. It is the first Shane Cooley fan club, all fans are encouraged to join! So far it includes forty-six members, but  hopefully it will be getting many more! It is almost like Shane Cooley Online, but instead you can post messages, post photos, talk in the chat room, and much more. Come on and join for Shane!

Please join today, it takes 5 minutes tops! You can join by filling out this survey:

City & State:
Email Address:
Favorite Shane Song:
Favorite Shane CD:
How long have you known Shane:
A little about you:

Also include hair and eye color. Please send the above information to

Members as of Monday, December 5, 2005:

Kendall, Ashley, Kyle, Esmeralda, Carol, Sean, Shane, Chris, Amy, Cindy, Jack, Pat C, Spider, Dorene, Alicia, Danni, Sarah, Darlene G, Beulah, Linda A, Pat F, Fran, Linda K, Abby, Lorri, Wanda, Katy, Steve, Lucy, Michelle, Taylor, Howard, Aaron, Lexi, Marjorie, Adam, Courtney, Willie, Darlene M, Dorothy, Jim, Joann, Gayle, Milton, Justin, and Straughn

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I, Kendall Ashton, am a good friend and supportive fan of Shane Cooley, therefore all of this information is the truth as it comes from Shane Cooley himself. I will not post information unless I get permission from Shane. Do not take any graphics or pictures  unless you ask for my permission. All lyrics and CD Covers are copyright and may not be used without permission.

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