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Lyrics 2

!!!!!NEW CD!!!!!

1. Day-Lily
2. Don't Want To Be In The City Tonight
3. Come Back
4. Not I
5. Dreams and Aspirations
6. Inner Pain
7. Tangible
8. Too Crazy To Leave
9. Harmony
10. Wild Child

Produced by Stewart Myers and Shane Cooley
Pre-produced by Chris Keup
Mastered by Fred Kevorkian


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"Me, Myself, and You"

Recorded at Sonshane Studio. Recorded by Steve Bassett. Produced by Shane Cooley and Steve Bassett.

1. Emerald Coast (3:52)
2. Harmony (3:59)
3. Dark Cafe' In Charleston (3:38)
4. Backstabber (3:58)
5. Forgotten (3:48)
6. In Our World (3:34)
7. Savior (3:38)
8. It's So Fun to Miss You (2:37)
9. Possessed (3:09)
10. Me, Myself, and You (3:26)
11. No Inspiration (3:06)
12. Dreams & Aspirations (3:57)
13. Rescuer Angel (3:48)

Total Time: 46:36

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Me, Myself, and You


Positive Reinforcement

Hawaiian Shirt


Just Call Me Shane

All songs are performed and copyright of Shane Cooley, all rights reserved. Violators will be prosecuted.

5 out of 5 stars
Shane Cooley is definitely going places.  -  Kendall Ashton

Shane Cooley's latest CD, "Me, Myself, and You" is definitely one of his best if not the best yet. He sings "I may not be one of those guys you see on TV," from his song "Forgotten," but he will be one day. Shane has a great voice which you can hear clearly and well on the new album. You can certainly tell he is a true guitarist, because he can play extremely well. I think that the harmonica in the selected songs also adds a nice touch. If you listen to the heartfelt and positive lyrics, you can tell what kind of person he is. In this CD you will find songs relating to love & relationships, hardships, and some songs to make you feel better about yourself. Such wise words from a 17 year old! I definitely suggest giving this CD a listen, and if I may suggest a song - "Me, Myself, and You" I see Shane Cooley having unimaginable success in the future!



I, Kendall Ashton, am a good friend and supportive fan of Shane Cooley, therefore all of this information is the truth as it comes from Shane Cooley himself. I will not post information unless I get permission from Shane. Do not take any graphics or pictures  unless you ask for my permission. All lyrics and CD Covers are copyright and may not be used without permission.

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