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Shane Cooley Online

Lyrics 2

All songs are performed and copyright of Shane Cooley, all rights reserved. These lyrics are copyrighted and it is illegal to use them without the permission of Shane Cooley. Violators will be prosecuted.

”Emerald Coast”

We are victims of a quiet invasion,
By our own overpopulation,
High-rises spring up from the beach like ghosts,
Conquer all no mercy for the Emerald Coast, 

I wish there was some way,
That I could make them disappear,
But it's our impetus to build our own tombs
It's like a basketball that hoplessly rolls down a hill
We pray that something will stop us,
But when it does it will be our doom 

But there still is something good in this world,
Yes, I’m talking about you,
Your sweet kisses and gentle nature,
Make me feel so new,
It would be a much happier world,
If everyone acted like you do.

Yes the land is suffocating under our feet,
People flock from miles around to see the sea,
Thank God we can’t conquer it,
It is the other final frontier,
It’s untouched beautiful creatures should never disappear,
If we only came to the realization,
That we are drowning in our own stupidity.

Like you girl, I like you girl

If you could rescue the world,
Like you rescued….me (repeat 4x)

”Dark Café In Charleston”

You came to my mind again,
As I watched the rain,
In a Dark Café In Charleston,
As the hour drew late,
People trickled to the street,
Night of the living dead.

Well this thought is scaring me but I,
Don’t believe I feel complete unless,
You’re right here,
So I’ll pick up my weary bones and,
Hit the battlefield once more,
And hope that you’ll stay here.

As I walked the old batteries,
The lukewarm rain pelted me,
There’s no place in the world like Charleston,
You were right by my side in my wallet,
In my cargo pocket,
But it just wasn’t the same,
You could almost see the Southern belles,
As they are escorted by the soilder beaus,
To their mansions,
God you’d love this place.


The band drops an amp upstairs,
Gives everyone a scare,
In a Dark Café In Charleston,
I try to go up to sneak a peak,
The bouncer wants my ID,
So I wander the historic streets,
Thinking about our future, yeh.


That you’ll stay here,
I’ll be right there.


Yeh born into this world,
Without a back bone, without a conscience,
There once was a time that I'd have pitied them,
Till I saw the loathsome wretches underneath the crooked grins,
Some people fall under the spell,
Afraid of themselves,
And fall into a gloomy darkness,
But I have learned to defeat the selfish tensions,
Just don't let them get to you,
And keep one eye on your back, yeh.

Yeh, don't you lie to me,
I know you'd love to slam the brakes on my life,
And see me crashing through the windshield,
Yeh, you hate yourself so much,
But you would really love to see me,
Careen into the abyss.

Get away backstabber, get away backstabber,
Get away backstabber, back. (x3)

If you could only see what you could turn out to be,
If you would just start loving yourself,
Instead of hating everybody else,
Yeh, things would turn around if you,
Would just stop turning your back on yourself.

Yeh, don't you lie to me,
I know you'd love to slam the brakes on my life,
And see me crashing through the windshield,
Yeh, you hate yourself so much,
But you would really love to see me,
Careen into the abyss.

Chorus x 4

Back off backstabber.



I looked up at the clouds,
And laughed hard
And said spit on me now with your rain
And I won’t feel a thing,
I’m walking straight and tall,
When I used to stare at my feet,
I can’t dance,
But I sure am dancing now.

Cause I have finally,
Found a place where I can be me,
One of these days you will too, you’ll see,
Cause every melody, has a harmony.

I’ve gotten sick and tired,
Of being someone else,
Of being down and thinking myself flaud,
But now I smile,
Cause I love playing the character of me,
I’ll take the stage and knock em’ dead,
Cause I’m not acting now.


Repeat chorus
Cause every melody
Every melody has a harmony


Yeh, I know I may not be,
One of those guys you see on TV,
So beautiful, so tough,
These are things, that I am not.

I’m a thinker, I’m a feeler,
I’m a dreamer, I’m romantic too,
Yes, I’m a lover, not a fighter,
I am everything,
I’m everything that’s forgotten.

I’m not cool, in others eyes,
But I’m nothing, to despise,
I may seem weak, but I am strong,
I’ll still be here when the others are gone.

Because I’m a trooper,
I’m a worker, I’m a learner,
Yeh, a poet too,
Yes, I’m a helper, I’m a giver
I am everything,
I am everything that’s forgotten.

There is no such thing as a normal person,
Everybody has beauty inside,
Look behind those lonely faces,
You’ll be surprised at what you find.

I’m a thinker, I’m a feeler,
I’m a dreamer, a romantic too,
I’m a helper, I’m a giver,
I am everything, I am everything,
I am everything, I am everything,
That’s forgotten, that’s forgotten

”In Our World”

The other day, a typical day,
You rescued me, from out of the blue,
More than you could know,
I used to sit here, wondering,
Why I couldn’t be like those people walking,
Hand and hand, smile and smile,
But I know that fear corrupts me,
I just can’t let you put a leash around me,
Just let me stay here please, it’s so nice here.

In Our World,
A world where we coincide,
An uninhabited harbor to hide,
It’s all…right,
In Our World,
A world where I feel like,
Everything I do is right,
It’s all…right.

Seems like when you don’t expect things to come,
That they come down to you,
Glad I didn’t expect you,
It’s cold and dark outside,
I think I’d rather stay inside,
I can brave the storm,
Just as long as I, oh my,
Just as long as I remain…

Chorus 2x

It’s all… right
It’s all… right
It’s all right,
It’s all…right.



I, Kendall Ashton, am a good friend and supportive fan of Shane Cooley, therefore all of this information is the truth as it comes from Shane Cooley himself. I will not post information unless I get permission from Shane. Do not take any graphics or pictures  unless you ask for my permission. All lyrics and CD Covers are copyright and may not be used without permission.

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