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Shane Cooley Online


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Welcome to Shane Cooley Online, the official fan site for  Shane Cooley! My name is Kendall, and I am a big fan of Shane! Shane Cooley is a very talented 18 year old from Lancaster, Virginia. His music style is described as acoustic rock, and he really does rock! Shane has written more than 150 songs that people young and old can listen and relate to. If you've never heard of Shane, you don't know what you are missing! So come on and join the Shane Cooley Bandwagon! Thanks for coming and I hope you will come again soon!


Shane is just an amazing person and talent! He can play just about every instrument possible. Shane's latest CD "Me, Myself, and You" has just been released and it is totally awesome.!  This CD features all acoustic songs, you can learn more by going to "Discography."  With the right time, and person, Shane can make it and will make it.  In my eyes he is already #1.  Shane has been played on numerous radio stations, and he has played at many venues from VA all the way to FL.  I certainly know one thing, I will help him as much as I possibly can.  Shane Cooley is the best!!

Please visit Shane's Official Web Site by clicking below. The webmaster is his aunt Cindy, she really puts a lot of effort into the site for Shane. Go check it out, it is an awesome website, guaranteed!

Official Shane Cooley Website



I, Kendall Ashton, am a good friend and supportive fan of Shane Cooley, therefore all of this information is the truth as it comes from Shane Cooley himself. I will not post information unless I get permission from Shane. Do not take any graphics or pictures  unless you ask for my permission. All lyrics and CD Covers are copyright and may not be used without permission.

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