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Lyrics 2
Lyrics 2

Continued lyrics from Shane's latest CD "Me, Myself, and You". All songs are performed and copyright of Shane Cooley, all rights reserved. These lyrics are copyrighted, it is illegal to use these lyrics without the permission of Shane Cooley. Violators will be prosecuted.


She was hidden behind the smiles that concealed her,
Making it look like everything’s alright,
But inside there was a pain,
That she thought couldn’t be healed,
Her heart screamed inside,
She heard the birds chirping,
She saw the nimbus clouds,
And she tried to truly smile but she could not be happy,
It seems that she gave up, on being found,
And that is when she found me.

I will help you now,
I want you to smile and mean it,
Cuz I’m not leaving,
You’ve made it so far,
So gentle yet so strong, I know,
I won’t do you any wrong.

When pain grabber her 'round her waist,
And wouldn't let go,
Yeh she thought that no one could save her,
She wished for a hero,
She wished for a savior,
And whatever she received, it was me,
Yes I saved her, whoever I may be,
That must mean...that I am good for something.


"It's So Fun to Miss You"

Huh, where do I even begin?
I feel like spat out candy,
I've been pushed around, played around,
Stepped upon by the girls who love to hurt me,
My heart has been tossed around like a football,
That's landed in your hands - interception!
So when you ask me why when you're a thousand miles away,
I am still happy.

That's why it's so fun to miss you,
That's why it's so fun to miss you.

I've been after head cases, crackpots,
And pretty ugly beauty queens galore,
But I love every moment with or without you,
It's nothing like before.


It's fun to miss you because,

It's good to have someone to think about,
And the best thing about you,
Is that you miss me too.

Chorus x2

I miss you,
I miss you,
I miss you.

"Me, Myself, and You"

It's a hard road, long with many dead ends,
With letdowns around each bend,
It's funny how life makes you feel so alone,
I play this guitar,
And I feel my soul pour onto these strings,
My voice croons out all my feelings,
I feel like no one's listening.

I have the strength to carry on 99% of the time,
But for that 1%,
I need a heaven-sent, that's you,
Yeh, you.

Me, Myself, and You will conquer,
Me, Myself, and You will show them all,
I'm strong enough for this,
With this eternal bliss from you,
Me, Myself, and You.

Me, I beat myself up constantly,
But when your chocolate eyes gaze upon me,
I know I must be okay,
When we laugh,
Pay respects to God on Saturday,
Act mentally ill on Sunday,
It gives me more strength then you ever could know.

I know there will be times when I'll be nearly crushed,
But with a little help,
There is no chance in hell,
That I'll fall all the way down.


And this is to all of you,
Who have faith in me,
Always there for me,
Everything you do, makes,
So come along, on my adventure,
I never am alone.


Me, Myself and,
Me, Myself and,
Me, Myself......and You.



What is it that possesses me,
There's something inside,
That's controling me,
It's kinda freaky,
How I can't be stoped,
I will continue, till I reach the top.

So take my hand, when times get had,
No matter how long the road is, I'll go on,
I'll never quit, doing my best,
It's like it's not my choice,
I feel so possessed.

These words I sing,
Seem from a foreign place,
For all I know,
They came from outer space,
It's kinda like that feeling,
When you're in the wood alone,
But you realize that you're not alone.


People one by one on individual quests,
What seems to lead them to their destination?
People don't like to ponder,
Over the unknown,
You can ask why a thousand times,
And still not know the answer.



”No Inspiration”

It’s a mystery to me,
How one can turn upon another,
How one can commit adultery,
And somebody can destroy your mind,
And still smile innocently.

It’s hard for me to believe,
This is the world that we’re brought into,
Must be something more than this,
That I just can’t see through,
The writers gasp for air,
And the artists can’t pay their bills,
Cause this generation lacks Inspiration.

Chuck came home one night,
His folks were fighting,
Screaming and throwing lamps,
To him it was just another day,
As he locked himself in his room,
He slowly kills himself,
As he rolls up the grim reefer,
And takes him to his lips, yeh.

It’s hard for me to believe,
That we can be so dumb,
To neglect our greatest gift, our posterity,
And if we just gave the kids a chance,
Maybe they would turn a leaf,
Because this generation lacks,

It’s a mystery to me,
How one can turn upon another…

"Dreams and Aspirations"

Never say never, it is a cursed word,
I know there must be a have for us all,
Yes, there is still beauty in this world,
That keeps us goin',
Keeps us livin',
Makes us human,
Makes us somethin'.

Don't give up now,
Yes, you have the power,
As cheesy as it sounds, it's true,
Take a look around,
You will see there are so many people,
Who feel just like you.

If you asked me what is the point?
What makes us go on?
I'd reply with two answers,
Dreams and Aspirations,
We dream of love,
We dream of fufillment,
And we aspire to make the world better.


And you may say I'm out of my mind,
That the world is all but bright,
Well I know that the glass isn't always half full,
But enjoy the drink will you can...


Don't give up now,
Don't give up now.

”Rescuer Angel”

I remember,
When I fell into false loves,
In the chilling cold,
Of February sunsets,
Those days and those crushes,
Have melted with the winter snows,
And in the midst of these changes,
You remain my love,
My true love, my true love

With my seasonal past,
Everything always changing,
I can't help but be afraid,
Of you forsaking,
My love, my true love,
My true love.

But these thoughts are in vain,
For you will never change, I know,
And I will always be,
The hero you presently see,
Who said there's no more chivalry?
I can see, I can feel, I can love and not worry
I've never been so happy,

So close your eyes my Rescuer Angel,
And smile in your sleep for me,
Cause you have me and my love,
My true love, my true love,
Your true love, forever.



I, Kendall Ashton, am a good friend and supportive fan of Shane Cooley, therefore all of this information is the truth as it comes from Shane Cooley himself. I will not post information unless I get permission from Shane. Do not take any graphics or pictures  unless you ask for my permission. All lyrics and CD Covers are copyright and may not be used without permission.

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