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Ephesus Online


Name: Chris Balderson
Birthday: September 25


Color: Blue
Food: Chicken Fillet
Drink: Mr. Pibb

Musical Influences:
Project 86, P.O.D, Thousand Foot Krutch, Outkast, and L.A. Symphony

Questions I asked Chris:

1. What are all the instruments you play?
Guitar, Piano, and Radio

2. What's your favorite Ephesus song?
"Non-Digression" and "Drive Away The Pain"

3. What's your favorite Ephesus song to perform?

4. What's your favorite Christian-Rock song to perform?
"Echelon" by Pillar

5. Do you like it when the girls (including me) scream?
Oh yeah!!

Chris is the lead guitarist in Ephesus.

Chris' AOL Screen Name is: vsidecelica03
and phtcrisby

Disclaimer:  I am good friends with most of the band members and a huge fan of the group.  All of this information is true, seeing as I received it straight from the guys.  None of the graphics shall be taken without permission as they are subject to copyright.  None of this information shall be given out without permission

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