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Ephesus Online


Name: Michael Greene
Birthday: August 12


Color: Black
Food: All kinds!
Drink: A Salvadorian drink called ensalada

Musical Inspirations: At the present moment are
12 Stones, Linkin Park, Three Days Grace, Skillet, Pillar, the Used, Story of the Year, Evanescence, and many, many others

Message to fans: Thanks to all who buy our CD and enjoy our CD, please pray that God's will be done with us (but were hoping that it's to go all the way to the top lol) and I hope our music spreads the positive message of God to those who wouldn't otherwise get it. God Bless!

Questions I asked Mike:

1. What are all the instruments you can play?
Trumpet, Vocals, Guitar, Bass, and Drums (but not very well or so he says)

2. What is your favorite Ephesus song?
I like the whole CD

3. What's your favorite Ephesus song to perform? Probably Non-Digression because we've worked on that one the most.

4. What's your favorite Christian-Rock song to perform? "Lift It" by Thousand Foot Krutch

5. Do you like it when the girls (including me) scream? Yea
Mike is the lead singer and back-up guitarist in Ephesus.

His AOL screen name is: jzusrox

Him and Tony share: xephesusx

Disclaimer:  I am good friends with most of the band members and a huge fan of the group.  All of this information is true, seeing as I received it straight from the guys.  None of the graphics shall be taken without permission as they are subject to copyright.  None of this information shall be given out without permission

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