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Ephesus Online

Welcome to Ephesus Online, the website about a Christian-Rock group from Warsaw, VA called Ephesus! My name is Kendall Ashton, and I am a Big fan of Ephesus! The band is made up of five totally awesome Christian guys, and they have major talent! So why don't you come on in, I don't think you will be disappointed with what you see! All kinds of visitors are welcome, and I hope you will come back often. Thanks for visiting!


The guys appreciate your support. I will be glad to forward them any messages you have for them. You can email them at but I know the guys are very busy with school and work so it might take a while with a response. I will also only give out personal information if the members agree for me to add it here.

The Official Ephesus Website (click here)

Mike gave me permission and you can IM the band members, check out the biographies for screen names.

Remember: Mike and Tony are the only ones that use xephesusx


Please spread the word of Ephesus and Ephesus Online by adding my banner to your site! Thank you!


Disclaimer:  I am good friends with most of the band members and a huge fan of the group.  All of this information is true, seeing as I received it straight from the guys.  None of the graphics shall be taken without permission as they are subject to copyright.  None of this information shall be given out without permission

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