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Welcome and thank you for coming to Kendall Ashton Online! I'm Kendall Ashton, a 13 year old singer, songwriter, musician from Farnham, VA. I was inspired by my best friend and fellow singer, songwriter, musician, Shane Cooley. I'm just starting out, and who knows what the future may bring so check back often. Tell some of your friends about me and hopefully I can start getting some fans. Thank you again for coming and I look forward to your return!

Stay c+nfident & success will come to you,

Kendall Ashton

To learn more about my awesome best friend, Shane Cooley, go to:


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Disclaimer: I'm Kendall Ashton, therefore all of this information is true. I'm a girl who loves music and who loves to play music. My music can be described as Acoustic Rock meets Christian Rock. You must have my permission to use anything on this website.

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