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All lyrics are written by and copyright of Kendall Ashton and Shane Cooley, all rights reserved. These songs are copyrighted in the Library of Congress Copyright Office it is illegal to use these lyrics without the permission of Kendall Ashton and Shane Cooley. Violators will be prosecuted.

"Friend In Me"

Yeah, one time I thought,
No one cared about me,
But then God showed me,
I do have friends,
Yeah, I hope you'll realize,


You have a friend,
Yeah, a friend in me,
I might not be that special,
Do you think you're alone,
Well you're not,
Cause you have a friend,
Yeah, a friend in me.

The world is so cruel,
We have to stick together,
Help each other out,
And know this is not the end,
But you can't trust everyone,
Trust me cause I should know,
I hope it helps to know,


Yeah, I don't care what you look like,
What you may have done,
Or how you act,
It's who you are,
That matters...

Chorus x 2

That's what you have,
Yeah a friend in me

"Best Friend"

I almost gave up,
Thought that nobody cared,
But now that's all changed,
I was lost and lonely,
Invisible to society,
But it's okay,
Cause now I have you,
You've helped me a lot,
I don't deserve your kindness,
But I've got to say...


Thank you for everything,
Thank you for helping me,
Through it all,
Never forget,
I'm always here,
No matter what the problem,
Cause you're my friend.

Remember the first time we met,
It was the day that changed my life,
I met an amazing person,
Someone who doesn't care,
About the outside,
You've shown me a lot,
How it's who you are that matters,
How can I ever repay you,
It is not possible,
You're such a great person,
And I want to say...


I never could say it enough,
No one has ever been there for me like you,
I've never been so happy,
To know I have a friend,
And that friend is you,
I don't care what you look like,
Or what you have done,
I just want you to know,
For being my friend,
I'll always love and support you.

Chorus x 2

I want to say,
Reach for the stars,
You're gonna make it,
And no matter what,
You'll always be,
My friend.

”Three Free Months”

The Sun's shining bright,
It's almost time,
For the bell to ring,
Three o'clock,
School's out for the Summer,
Kids are having fun,
While playing in the sun.
Oh what a joy,
For every girl and boy,
No school bus or homework,
We've gotta enjoy these three months,


School's out,
Summer's in,
We're gonna have some fun,
In the bright shining sun,
C'mon enjoy this time of relaxation,
As we celebrate the Summertime!

No more getting up at 7,
Trying to make it on time,
We can sleep all we want,
And play loud rock n roll,
Go to the beach,
Hang out with friends,
And hope it never ends,


Time's almost up,
One day left of vacation,
Don't want to go back,
I don't want homework,
Tests, exams,
And the usual Standards of Learning,
I just want to hang out and chill,
School is no thrill!


And now...
School's in
Summer's out,
No more time for fun,
In the bright shining sun,
The Summer has gone away,
And sadly to say,
Won't be back another day.


The summertime!

”Keep Trying”

It's been so hard,
To keep my head up high,
In this life, in this life,
But, I've gotta keep trying,
Yeah, don't let hard times get to you,
With some encouragement,
And a p+sitive attitude,
Yeah, you can do anything,
There's just one thing you gotta do,


Keep trying,
Yeah, don't give up,
No, no, no, can't give up,
Keep trying,
To do your best,
Don't worry,
You can do it,
Just keep trying.

Yeah, let your belief in God,
Grow to the fullest, the fullest,
He'll help you,
Keep trying,
Don't let anything,
Get in your way,
Just pass on by your problem,
And know you've got to...


Yeah, it never fails,
Just keep trying,
Think P+sitive & you will CL^MB,
Yeah, just keep trying.

Chorus X 2

Hey, I'm Kendall Ashton, a 12 year old singer, songwriter from Farnham, VA. Thank you SO much for buying my CD! It means SO much to me! I hope my music will help you in some special way. I've got to give it up for Shane Cooley! He really rocks! He's a great friend and very talented guy! I really think you should buy his CD "Climb" for only 12 dollars, it really rocks! Check him out by going to Once again thank you for buying my CD, you truly rock! Keep thinking p+sitive, rockin on, and believe in yourself. Until next time, stay c+nfident & success WILL come to YOU!

Disclaimer: I'm Kendall Ashton, therefore all of this information is true. I'm a girl who loves music and who loves to play music. My music can be described as Acoustic Rock meets Christian Rock. You must have my permission to use anything on this website.

Copyright - Kendall Ashton - 2004 - 2005